Balloon Trip is Villager's up special in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Villager can travel long distances but, it causes no damages. However, the balloons can be popped sending the Villager helplessly below.


After activating the move, two balloons spawn from the Villager's head from a helmet. Without pressing anything, the Villager would slowly descend before the balloons pop. However, flapping the Villager's arms by holding the special button will gain height. Pressing the standard attack button or after a few seconds, the balloons will separate and send Villager in a helpless state to the platform below.

Opponents can pop the Villager's balloon. Popping one will impair the Villager vertical movement and popping both will send the Villager below. However, if the opponent hits Villager, Villager will be knocked owut of his balloons but be able to use it again immeadiately.

After the 1.0.8 patch, Balloon Trip needs a few seconds to recharge after use. If done too soon, the Balloons will have much less distance than the original usage.


  • Extreme Balloon Trip - A slower balloons that explode on contact
  • Balloon Jump - A sudden jump with the balloons letting go from the peak of the jump


Balloon Trip's name came from the game Balloon Fight's second mode. Villager's appearance with the Balloons on the Villager's back is similar to Balloon Fighter's sprite

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