Banana Fairy Island
Banana Fairy Island is an islet located in DK Isles near the coast of Donkey Kong Island and is the Banana Fairies homeland, ruled by Banana Fairy Princess.


The island is in the shape of a Banana Fairy's head with two wings jutting out. There is an entrance to the inside where the mouth should be that only Tiny Kong can enter this since it requires Tiny Kong's shrinking ability. There are aeight Crystal Coconuts on the ground, as well as the fifth Banana Pad. Behind the head, there is a switch that requires Tiny Kong's Feather Bow to activate it. In the inside of the head, the Banana Fairy Princess is straight ahead of the player on top of some sort of altar, along with her banana peel throne. In the four corners of the room, there are fountains containing four Crystal Coconuts each. They also have several lily pads and two waterfalls on both sides of the fountain. On the east side of the room, there is a large wooden door containing a Rareware Golden Banana.


In Donkey Kong 64, this island was visited by Tiny when she receives the ability Mini-Monkey from Cranky Kong's potion. The Kongs learn a powerful shockwave attack here as well as gain a magical camera to take pictures of the Banana Fairies. This island was visited again after Kongs capture all twenty Banana Fairies and Tiny receives a Golden Banana.