Banta forging Leene's Bell
Game Chrono Trigger
Era of origin 600 A.D.
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Banta is a blacksmith in Chrono Trigger. He forged Leene's Bell in 600 A.D.


The Queen Returns

Crono meets Banta in one of the Residences in Truce just after he's transported to 600 A.D. via the Telepod. Banta tells Crono that he's forging the Bell specifically to honor Queen Leene.

The Hero Appears

On their mission to hunt down Magus, Crono and his party pass through Truce where Banta says he's given up on forging Leene's Bell because King Guardia XXI was wounded in battle.


In the game, Banta's wife mentions him by name, but when Banta speaks, his name does not come up in the dialogue boxes.