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Barcode Boy 1
Barcode Boy and the Monster Maker Game Pak
Dubya ScottAdded by Dubya Scott
The Barcode Boy is a Game Boy peripheral released only in Japan in December 1992. It attaches to the Game Boy and is used to scan or swipe barcodes, similar to the e-Reader.

Games such as Monster Maker: Barcode Saga were designed to be used specifically with the Barcode Boy. Scanning the game cards would give the player the ability to custmize characters and battle opponents via a link cable.

Barcode Boy 2
Barcode Boy attached to a Game Boy
Dubya ScottAdded by Dubya Scott
Other barcodes found on actual store-bought merchandise could be scanned as well, giving the player different features in the games.

The Barcode Boy was featured in an article in Nintendo Power V56 in 1994.

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