Baron Brrr
Baron Brrr

Baron Brrr as he appeared in Super Mario Galaxy.
Series Mario series
First game Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
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Baron Brrr (JP) is a boss fought on Freezeflame Galaxy's ice lake in Super Mario Galaxy. He doesn't appear in the game's sequel but there is another boss similar to Baron Brrr in Super Mario Galaxy 2 named Sorbetti.

Physical Appearance

Baron Brrr resembles a large floating spiky sphere of ice covered by a semi-transparent icy mist. He also wears a gem-studded yellow crown and has a pair of beady eyes. Baron Brrr's main attacks are launching chunks of ice and producing a shockwave by slamming onto the ground.


Once confronted by Mario, Baron Brrr will begin firing a barrage of ice shards at him. Mario must dodge his projectiles and transverse across the small platforms that are littered along the side of the icy lake to the left side of Baron Brrr's central platform. There, Mario must break the ice crystal that will release the Ice Flower, then will transform him into Ice Mario. With the power of the Ice Flower, Mario can run/skate across the icy water to reach the center platform and wall jump to the top where Baron Brrr is. He will stop firing ice balls and will proceed to create a shockwave by slamming onto the ground. The wave will try to knock Mario off the platform, so Mario must be careful. Mario must Star Spin Baron Brrr when the he is on the ground. The process must be repeated three times. On the third time, Baron Brrr will summon two Li'l Brrs. After three times, he will shatter in defeat, thus releasing a Power Star.


  • Baron Brrr's name might be a combination of Baron (king-like) and "Brr" (the sound people make when they are cold)
  • Baron Brrr is the only boss to share his battle theme song with Undergrunt Gunner (fought at Deep Dark Galaxy).
  • Baron Brrr's name may be a play on words to the US' Vice President Aaron Burr.