Bazooka Veteran

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Series Battalion Wars series
First game Battalion Wars
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A Bazooka Veteran is an infantry unit used in both Battalion Wars and Battalion Wars 2 for the GameCube and Wii, respectively. As their name suggests, they wield large bazookas that are capable of taking down large vehicles, even enemy tanks. As one could assume, they're the best of the infantry units to use against ground vehicles. They're bazookas can be charged up by holding down the A button.

Their projectiles are slow, thus tanks can oftentimes easily move out of the way incase a bazooka missile comes charging at it. Be sure to avoid the tanks' fire when moving in and get a close up shot.

Despite it being the best infantry unit to use against ground vehicles, there are multiple things that a Bazooka Veteran should avoid. These include Rifle Grunts, units that spew flame and acid, Assault and Minigun units, and of course aircraft.