Mario Party 7 - Be My Chum!

Mario Party 7 - Be My Chum!

Be My Chum! is a (Mic) minigame in Mario Party 7. In this minigame, one player uses the Microphone to attack players in the water by speaking certain commands into it, while the other three players must dodge everything in order to survive. In order for the player holding the Microphone to win, he or she must successfully eliminate all the players with his/hers attacks. In order for the team of three to win, at least on of the team must still be swimming after the timer runs out.


Person holding the Microphone: To launch a swarm of Cheep Cheeps you must say "Cheep Cheep", to release Sushi, say "Sushi", to release several Bloopers, say "Blooper", and to call Lakitu, (he throws spiked balls as he passes by above the water) say "Lakitu".

Team of three: Use the control stick (or a.k.a. right thumb stick) on the Nintendo GameCube controller to control your character.