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List of quotes made by Bear Hugger.

Super Punch-Out!!

  • "Watch out! I am a killer - I am the Bear Hugger!"
  • "You've come back for another spanking, eh?"
  • "I've heard someone can beat me in 17 seconds."

Punch-Out!! (Wii)

Career Mode

  • "Salmon Arm!"
  • "Uh-oh."
  • "TIMBER!"
  • "Need a hug?"
  • "Ya ha, let's dance!"
  • (while drinking maple syrup) "I have the strength *grunt* of a bear!" *slurp* "Oh that's good that's-mm."
  • "I like raw fish." *stomach growls* (yawns and goes to sleep)

Title Defense

  • "Hey hoser! I'm gonna hit you so hard, you'll be seeing Northern Lights, eh! Heh ha ha ha!"
  • I'm a hugger, not a fighter. Take off, eh!" (yawns and goes to sleep)
  • "Hat trick! Ha!"
  • "Catch and release!"
  • "Need a... Fooled ya!"

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