Beat Block Galaxy is a galaxy featured in World 3 of Super Mario Galaxy 2.


Step to the Beep

Step to the beep is the first mission in which a tune will with an accented beat will cause the yellow blocks to disappear and reappear.

Silver Stars in Double Time

This mission is the same as before but a prankster comet causes everything to move quicker. While the mission says that it is in double time, the platforms disappear at a rate four times faster than before!

Green Star Challenges

  • Green Star 1: After traveling staright down the path. there will be a turn. After going through this turn, the first green star can be found after breaking the crystal (so that it is out of the way) and triple jumping and spinning over to the star.
  • Green Star 2: Near the end of the level at the pyramid, there will be a star near the bottom right of it. By backflipping of the nearest yellow platform (while it is visible), the second green star cxan be obtained.