Belzar is the main villian of the game, Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four Towers. He was originally a student of Lakmir, until he became evil. His main goal in the game is to revive the Warlock Lord. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't realize that reviving it would kill him in a fiery blast.


"And who is this? An impetuous rodent, who dares to think he can stop me? I am afraid young whelp, that this can not be allowed to happen. But fear not! For I shall depose of you quickly and painfully!" -Belzar's only known quote, heard in the Chamber of Holding.

"With an evil grin, the deadly mage casts a look your way. He unleashes his power... Bathed in a white light- you quickly feel your limbs freeze up. The cold sensation envelops your entire body as you are quickly turned to stone." -Narration after Belzar's quote above.


  • Belzar is the only character to actually speak in the entire game. He mutters a chant breifly before being killed while reviving the Warlock Lord.
  • Inside the Chamber of Holding, there is an opening leading into a separate room in the back wall. Positioning yourself correctly with out entering the room reveals Belzar standing in there. Entering the room will cause Belzar to kill you.