Berri's beta artwork from Twelve Tails: Conker 64.
Series Conker series
First game Conker's Pocket Tales (1999)
Created by Rareware
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Berri is Conker's beautiful girlfriend in Conker's Pocket Tales and Conker's Bad Fur Day. She used to be a brown average-sized squirrel with brunette hair in Conker's Pocket Tales, but got changed to a gray, taller and very sexy Squirrel with yellow hair in Conker's Bad Fur Day, possibly by plastic surgery. She also changed from a red dress to pink clothes. She also loves Conker, but hates it when he drinks too much alcohol.


Conker's Pocket Tales

In Conker's Pocket Tales, she throws Conker a surprise birthday party, which later is ruined by the Evil Acorn who kidnaps her and steals Conker's presents.

Conker's Bad Fur Day

Berri reappears in Conker's Bad Fur Day where she is kidnapped by a rock monster and Conker must find her. She apparently was in prison where Conker came to save her, but didn't recognize Conker in his disguise. She is later killed by Don Weaso in the game which made Conker very upset. She, along with Conker, were ordered by Don Weaso in the game to rob the bank, but was a trap to use Conker as a stool for his broken table.


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