There are two beta Bulborbs in the Pikmin 2 beta that did not make it into Pikmin 2 for GameCube. There are three in the beta version; the red, blue, and yellow these colors match the three regular Pikmin colors. There was also Bulbears too. The Red Bulborb, Dwarf Red Bulborbs, the Bulbear (and the Dwarf Bulbears) are present in the official release of Pikmin 2, while the Yellow Bulborb and blue were removed. It is possible that the Blue Bulborbs were replaced by Hairy Bulborbs and Snow Bulborbs, and yellow Bulborbs were replaced by Orange Bulborbs and Dwarf Orange Bulborbs.

Blue Bulborbs

Pikmin 2 Beta Exploring a cave00:55

Pikmin 2 Beta Exploring a cave

This Bulborb was a special Bulborb in Pikmin 2 beta. It acts like a Red Bulborb Dwarf, it eats Pikmin for attacking, has the same health, and it takes six Pikmin to carry. When taken back to the Hocotate Ship, it gives Olimar and Louie five pokos instead of two. There were no adults for some reason. It still had white spots on its back, like the Red Bulborb.

Yellow Bulborbs

Pikmin 2 E3 2003 video00:40

Pikmin 2 E3 2003 video

This bulborb was only seen in the Pikmin 2 beta version. Like the Blue Bulborbs, these are just like Red Bulborbs, and there are even parents too. They are found in a stage that looks a lot like The Forest of Hope. They were found only above ground, not underground like the Blue Bulborb. The dwarves walked
Yellow Bulborb

A Yellow Bulborb

a little slower than the Red Dwarf Bulborbs. The Yellow Bulborbs also gave you more seeds when taken to the onion.

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