Series Digimon (series)
First game Digimon Virtual Pet
Year Created 1997
Created by Akiyoshi Hongo
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Betamon is a rookie level digimon whose name could maybe come from the Japanese words, betabeta, which means sticky, Beta, a kind of fish, or betanko, which means squashed or possibly "Β", the second letter in the greek alphabet. Betamon is a Virus Digimon and has a aqua attribute. It was introduced on the first Digimon Virtual Pet in 1997.

Nintendo Games

Digimon Virtual Pet

Betamon is a rookie who digivolves from Koromon and can further digivolve
8-bit Betamon
to DevimonMeramonSeadramonAirdramon and Numemon. To obtain Betamon the player must have made 4 care mistakes to Koromon. The only other rookie is Agumon.

Digimon Battle Spirit

Betamon appears as a field enemy in the "Origin Town".

Digimon World Dawn & Dusk

Betamon is #29 in Digimon World Dawn and Dusk, and is an HP-class Aquan species Digimon with a resistance to the Water element and a weakness the the Machine element. Its basic stats are 95 HP, 121 MP, 76 Attack, 66 Defense, 59 Spirit, 53 Speed, and 22 Aptitude. It possesses the Thunder Sign 2 and Mist Cape 2 traits, and can be found in the Sunken Tunnel.

Digimon Story: Lost Evolution

Betamon digivolves from Chibomon and can digivolve into Seadramon or Ebidramon. Wild ones can be found in the Packet Coast.


  • Electric Shock (電撃ビリリン Dengeki Biririn): Fires a 1,000,000 volt shock at the enemy.
  • Beta Slugger (Fin Cutter): Attacks his opponents directly with his fin.
  • Water Tower: Creates pillar of water at the opponent.