Beyond Good & Evil
Beyond Good & Evil (NA)
North American box art
Developer(s) Ubisoft Montpelier
Publisher(s) Ubisoft
Platform(s) Nintendo GameCube platform icon

05ESRB - T  02PEGI 7  01Australian Classification Board - G

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Beyond Good & Evil is a video game for the GameCube that, despite critical success, was a commercial failure on all four platforms that it was released on. The stealth and action based video game takes place in a world under attack by alien forces.


The main character, female protagonist Jade, wields a staff that can only be used during combat. Teamwork attacks are also available, and oftentimes required in order to progress through the game, though the other characters can't be directly controlled by the player.

Another primary item available is Jade's camera, which is used quite a bit throughout the entire game. The player can take images of every different animal in the game to get cash, though she'll also need to use it in order to get the beef on certain cases.

The hovercraft that Pey'J gives Jade can be upgraded, and eventually she'll get space craft.


Beyond Good & Evil HD Launch Trailer01:19

Beyond Good & Evil HD Launch Trailer

Launch Trailer
Beyond Good & Evil HD Video Review03:54

Beyond Good & Evil HD Video Review

Video Review
Beyond Good & Evil (VG) (2003) - XBOX, PS2, GC, PC01:45

Beyond Good & Evil (VG) (2003) - XBOX, PS2, GC, PC

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