Big Bad Pete is a toon who lives in Mean Street in Epic Mickey.

Role in Epic Mickey

Big Bad Pete first appears after going through the projector screen, located inside the Clock Tower. Pete will give Mickey some E-Tickets and the Small Pete Pin for helping Small Pete. Without helping Small Pete, Pete will give Mickey nothing. Pete will tell Mickey that there are Bunny Children in Mean Street after leaving OsTown after visiting Oswald in Mickeyjunk Mountain. Rounding up all of the children makes Pete give Mickey a Power Spark. Then, Big Bad Pete will tell about Petetronic causing a ruckus in Tomorrow City. Redeeming Petetronic makes Big Bad Pete give Mickey a Power Spark and the Redeemed Petetronic Pin. Erasing Petetronic makes Big Bad Pete give Mickey some E-Tickets and the Defeated Petetronic Pin, but he's not happy about it! After returning from Tomorrow City, Pete will tell Mickey to save Pete Pan in Ventureland. Defeating the robotic version of Captain Hook and then freeing the Sprite makes Pete get two pins, Captain Hook and Hook vs. Pete Pan, along with some E-Tickets and a Power Spark. Without saving the Sprite, Pete will give Mickey nothing. After getting the cartoons from the chests, Pete is happy. Giving Pete the Donald Voodoo Doll is the bad path.


Good: Big Bad Pete gives some fireworks to the citizens of Mean Street.

Bad: Big Bad Pete scares the citizens of Mean Street and then laughs.

Both endings mean to represent the ways in which you treat others, along with Petetronic's ending.

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