Big Bully


Big Bully as he appears in Super Mario 64
Series Mario series
First appearance Super Mario 64
Created by Nintendo
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Big Bully is a black spherical shaped villain in the Mario series. He is a larger version of the Bullies.


Super Mario 64/Super Mario 64 DS

Big Bully marks his first appearance in Super Mario 64 and its second appearance in its remake. He is found in Lethal Lava Land as the boss and must be defeated by the player kicking, punching, or ground pounding on him until Big Bully falls into the lava. After he falls into the lava, he will release the Power Star on a platform and the player will gain the Power Star.

He appears for a second time in Lethal Lava Land after the player finds a platform with three Bullies on it and when they are pushed in the lava, Big Bully will fall from the sky and try to knock the player in the lava again and must be defeated by the player ground pounding or punching him in the lava to gain the Power Star.

Mario Kart DS

Big Bully also makes an appearance in Mario Kart DS. He is the first boss in the Mission Mode and tries to knock the player in the water. To defeat him, the player must knock him in the water three times in a certain amount of time.