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Big Mr. I

Big Mr. I is a large Mr. I that appeared as a boss in Super Mario 64.


In Big Boo's Haunt, Big Mr. I acts as a normal Mr. I. Mario must spin around him and the monster will be dizzy and will spin to death.

Other appearances

Mario Party 2

In Horror Land, it's a bad idea to pay him ten Coins to Big Mr. I, but not only it wastes the character's money, but he'll roll into a character and force them to run away and landing on a Mr. I space will make him stop. The game forces the character to run away if he's on his laser route.

Mario Party 3

Big Mr. I only appeared in the Battle Mini-Game Eye Sore. A character must run around him fifteen times and too many Podoboos will stun them and they shouldn't bump at him.

Mario Party 5

His Mr. I Laser is a weapon in the garage and he never appeared.

Mario Party 8

After absences from the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS versions of Mario, Big Mr. I made his final appearance in the game. He appeared in the mini-game, Eyebrawl as the third Mr. I along what appears to be a double or duplicate. A character must use the Wii Remote to rotate the pointer on-screen until becoming dizzy and Big Mr. I will disappear. Big Mr. I was later re-styled.

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