Billiards is one of the nine games found in the Wii video game Wii Play and the sixth unlockable game. The game is played on a pool table. There are ten balls on the table. One of them will be a ball with the player's Mii on it. The object of the game is point the Wii Remote at the ball with the player's Mii on it, press B, pull back, and then push the ball forward to knock the cue ball. The cue ball is the ball the player is supposed to hit. Points are scored by knocking balls into the 6 holes on each side of the table, and points are scored by the number that's on the ball. The cue ball changes every time one is knocked into a hole. Unfortunately, points won't count if the cue ball isn't hit first, or if the player's ball falls into a hole. The background for this game is a city.

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