Bionic Commando: Elite Forces
Bionic Commando Elite Forces (NA)
Developer(s) Nintendo Software Technology
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Game Boy Color platform icon Virtual Console (3DS) platform icon
Genre(s) Platformer

03ESRB - E  03PEGI 12  02Australian Classification Board - PG

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Bionic Commando: Elite Forces is a Game Boy Color video game with the Bionic Commando name, despite being both published and developed by a completely different company: Nintendo rather than Capcom. It was released only in America, and was created by an American Nintendo branch. There are quite a few differences in the gameplay, though the overall premise is very similar.



Critically, it has been very well received, with an average score of 86% on game review compilerGame Rankings. Critics highly appreciated the title, with reviews from major outlets giving it no lower than an eight. The following are the major critics who reviewed the game and the score they gave it.