Black Shadow
GX Black Shadow

Artwork from F-Zero GX
Series F-Zero series
First game F-Zero X
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Black Shadow is a racer in the F-Zero series of games. He is a criminal mastermind with a vast empire, called the BS Group. Despite this, he has worked for another criminal, Deathborn. Bounty hunter Captain Falcon has had success capturing Black Shadow's minions and beating him in the F-Zero Grand Prix. As he lost, he was banished by Deathborn. Because of this, he wants to destroy Captain Falcon publicly.

Amongst Black Shadow's minions is Blood Falcon, a clone of Captain Falcon created from stolen DNA. Both Black Shadow's F-Zero machine (The Black Bull) and Blood Falcon's (The Blood Hawk) were created by the BS Group.

Other appearances

Super Smash Bros. series

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, he appears as a random trophy.

Trophy Description

When this guy sees other racers ahead, he doesn't think about overtaking them - he just wants to destroy them! In fact, his only goal in the F-Zero Grand Prix is to eliminate that pesky Captain Falcon once and for all. And once he's done with that, he plans to destroy the world. He should really talk to someone about these anger issues...
N64 - F-Zero X - 10/1998
Gamecube - F-Zero GX -08/2003