Black skull

The Black Skull (right), and the X-Naut ship (left).

The Black Skull is Cortez's pirate ship in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. As the name implies it is black in color and is made out of wood that has rotted. At first Cortez stayed on it in Pirate's Grotto. Mario and party when inside the captain's cabin to fight him. Although a ghost he really couldn't be defeated, but gave Mario the Sapphire Star because he didn't like it. Later Lord Crump appears on an X-Naut ship to take the Star. Mario and the other sailors got Cortez to help and got on his Black Skull to battle the X-Naut ship to which Mario and the Toads and Embers won. Cortez later takes the people back to Rogueport. Cortez lets Mario ride on the Black Skull back to Keelhaul Key anytime. The captain's captain contains all of the gold and treasure that Cortez holds as from the legend. However the ship can only move with the magic of the Skull Gem.