Blind Date is a mission in Red Steel. It's the first level in "Act 3: The Ghosts of the Sanro Kai".

The MissionEdit

After assisting the Sanro Kai in taking back their respecting districts in Tokyo, Scott Monroe heads to Otori's Dojo where Otori gives Scott a new, heavier sword. Otori holds the Katana Giri at the Dojo while Scott trains with Mariko and later continues his journey.

Returning to Harry's Club, Scott finally meets Tokai, the man behind the takeover of Tokyo and death of Isao Sato. And Harry Tanner appears to be working for him. Having been locked up in the cellar of the Club, Scott manages to fight his way up to the offices and confronts Harry, defeating him in combat. Harry explains to Scott that Tokai and his men were heading for the Dojo to take the Katana Giri, so Scott leaves immediately.