Blizzard Midbus

Blizzard Midbus sprite as seen in Bowser's Inside Story.
Series Mario & Luigi series
First game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Created by AlphaDream
Year Created 2009
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Blizzard Midbus is a more powerful form of Midbus from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. After you infiltrate Peach's Castle as Bowser, you run into Fawful with Midbus, Peach, and the Dark Star. Fawful gets furious at your surviving from Bowser's Castle, where the Elite Trio locked you in a safe and put it who-knows-where, so he transforms Midbus into Blizzard Midbus.


Level 32
HP 2,041
Power 312
Defense 165
Speed 32
Weakness None
Experience given 6,500
Coins given 1,200
Item Drop Star Candy (100%)

Power Fang SP (10%)

No Hitter N/A

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