• Natedawg921

    Here are the goals for Super Mario Bros. 1-4 and Lost Levels:

    1. Super Mario Bros. = 64
    2. Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels = 52
    3. Super Mario Bros. 2 = 20
    4. Super Mario Bros. 3:
      1. Grass Land = 8
      2. Desert Land = 9
      3. Water Land = 12
      4. Giant Land = 9
      5. Sky Land = 13
      6. Ice Land = 14
      7. Pipe Land = 14
      8. Dark Land = 11
      9. Hammer Bro. = 15
      10. Unused Levels = 15
      11. Warp Zone
    5. Super Mario World: Super Mario Bros. 4:
      1. Yoshi's Island = 6
      2. Donut Plains & Secret = 10
      3. Vanilla Dome & Secret = 11
      4. Twin Bridges = 6
      5. Forest of Illusion = 9
      6. Chocolate Island = 9
      7. Valley of Bowser = 9
      8. Star World = 5
      9. Special Zone = 8
      10. Secret goals = 24
      11. Yoshi's House (no goal)
      12. Top Secret Area (no goal)

    Total = 353 goals

    Natedawg921 (talk) 22:10, August 21, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Natedawg921
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  • Natedawg921

    Here are the Forces of Chaos/League of Darkness so far:

    • Mother Brain (leader)
    • Dr. Albert Wily
    • Ganon
    • Ganondorf
    • King Hippo
    • King K. Rool
    • King Bowser Koopa
    • Giovanni
    • Count Dracula
    • Sir Phantom
    • Malkil
    • King Bowser Koopa
    • Wart
    • Wario
    • Waluigi
    • Tatanga
    • Foreman Spike
    • Zoda
    • Samurai Goroh
    • Andross
    • Aparoid Queen
    • King Boo
    • King Dedede
    • Dragonlord
    • Crazy Hand
    • Master Hand
    • King Egger
    • Maharito
    • Big Boss
    • Godfather Gordon
    • Witch Doctor
    • Dark Cloak
    • Wizard King
    • Thanatos
    • Medusa
    • Captain Syrup
    • Princess Shroob
    • Cackletta
    • Emperor Anglar
    • Chancellor Cole
    • John Adams
    • Antasma
    • Puzzle Wizard
    • Master Kale
    • Master Chard
    • Max Profitt Haltmann
    • Nightmare
    • King Breager
    • Phalanx
    • Dark Demon

    --Natedawg921 (talk) 21:54, July 24, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Olivialaboluda
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  • Astrogamer

    For the final entry in this series for this E3, we'll wrap up by talking about information that has come out about the presentation, rumors and my predictions for what we might see this year at E3 from Nintendo

    The biggest rumor so far is the rumor that Ubisoft is developing a tactics game featuring Mario and the Rabbids. The player has control of 8 characters; Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi and 4 Rabbid counterparts and the group progresses through stages in a similar world structure to a typical Mario game. Some details came out about the gameplay with something about the first boss being a Rabbid dressed like DK. It eas originally rumored by Laura Kate Dale along with his Switch lineup leak, but the big detail leak came out in the p…

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  • KirbyPKMNMaster

    So yeah.. I am making a list on here. Yay me.

    We all knew this game was going to come to the Switch. I am a major Pokemon fan, and this game looks AMAZING. It even releases a couple of days after my birthday! The only reason why this game is not higher is because I got quite bored with the Wii U version. But if Darkrai and Decidueye can save this, good for them.

    Wow! A Sonic game with potential! I never thought I would see that for the rest of my life! By the creators of the two good Modern games, Sonic Forces is made to revive the franchise. But the OCs..... oh god..

    It's okay Andrew... it's okay. Just 1 1/2 more weeks and you can wreck Twintelle all you want with a burning passion- what was I saying? Arms is a game with potential. The TestP…

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  • Astrogamer

    With E3 only a week away, we are taking a look at Nintendo's second party development. Just to be clear, this post won't cover every Nintendo partner dev, just ones that could bring a game to E3. Some devs like Grezzo and Arzest aren't going to be discussed despite having a soon-to-be released game because that's all they have and have been discussed.

    Before we get into each of Nintendo's partners, we should discuss how they manage these partnerships. At the top of Nintendo development is again, Shinya Takahashi, but he has put Keisuke Terasaki in a position similar to what he held before EPD combined. This means he's incharge of all Nintendo's external development. From there, Nintendo divides its partners between 3 groups. This first gro…

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  • Astrogamer

    Welcome back to Road to E3. Last week's post can be found here. For this week's article, we are going to discuss the teams owned by Nintendo 100% and what games they could be making.

    The Entertainment Planning and Development Department is a bit complex so, this part will explain the structure of EPD and its differences from the previous structure. First of all, EPD is composed of both EAD and SPD combined so all Nintendo software developers are in this department, all under Shinya Takahashi, the general manager of the department. EPD is still divided into the internal production and external groups so I'll be only covering the internal production groups. In total, there are 10 EPD production groups divided between the two deputy managers; …

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  • Astrogamer

    With E3 coming in a few weeks, it would be cool to highlight Nintendo stuff we might see in the Nintendo Spotlight and Treehouse Live. To start off with, we got to cover the games we know. Since the Spotlight is confirmed to be focusing Switch games, there shouldn't be any 3DS games in it, but they will be covered Treehouse Live

    Since this game is out a day after E3 ends, I'm not expecting this to show up in the Spotlight. The tournament is more suited to cover the game though it wouldn't be surprising to see this pop-up during the Treehouse Live. We likely are not getting anymore notable info aside from maybe the first DLC character, (with its release towards the end of the month)

    Splatoon 2 is coming out a little over a month after E3 so, …

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  • Patrick's Nose 1
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  • Orko2814

    Tomorrow at 11am PDT, Fandom will be presenting a 2 hour live stream of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe gameplay. We'll be streaming this on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. Then, on the following Friday, also at 11am PDT, we'll be doing a multiplayer livestream!

    Be sure to 'Like" and follow us on all our social media channels. This includes the ones mentioned above, as well as Instagram and Twitter. Turn on the notifications if you want to stay informed of any time we go live!

    Let us know if you're gonna check it out or what you thought if you did! Feel free to let us know you're from the wiki and say hello in the chat!

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  • Natedawg921

    Here are The Video Game Masters so far:

    1. Captain N/Kevin Keene
    2. Princess Lana Deschain
    3. Prince Lyle Deschain
    4. Duke Keene
    5. Shadow Mask (my creation)
    6. Astromina
    7. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
    8. Nathan "Nate-Dawg" Alderson (me)
    9. Tracey Alderson (my sister)
    10. 1-Up/Cyberwolf
    11. Simon Belmont
    12. Game Boy (character)
    13. Pero
    14. "Bayou" Billy West
    15. Kuros
    16. Erdrick's descendant
    17. Julio the Paperboy
    18. Papergirl
    19. Pit
    20. Solid Snake
    21. Michael "Mike" Jones
    22. Little Mac
    23. Firebrand
    24. Jason the Blaster Master
    25. Milon
    26. Sir Cucumber
    27. Bigfoot
    28. Major Domo
    29. Lolo
    30. Lala
    31. Marina Liteyears
    32. Jill Dozer
    33. Alexandra Roivas
    34. Prince of Sablé
    35. Prince Richard
    36. Glover
    37. Frank West
    38. Captain Olimar
    39. Captain Louie
    40. Captain Falcon
    41. Michael Ford
    42. Andromeda

    1. Zits
    2. Rash
    3. Pimple

    1. Mega Man
    2. Roll
    3. Rush
    4. Beat
    5. Tango
    6. Duo
    7. Bass
    8. Treble
    9. Gamma
    10. Mega Man X
    11. Zero

    1. Jago
    2. Black Orchid
    3. T.J. Combo
    4. Maya
    5. Chief Thunder
    6. Kim Wu
    7. Tusk

    1. (Dr.) …

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  • Orko2814

    Today at 11am PDT, Fandom will be presenting a 2 hour live stream of Splatoon 2 Beta gameplay. We'll be streaming this on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch.

    Don't forget to 'Like" and follow us on all our social media channels. This includes the ones mentioned above, as well as Instagram and Twitter. Turn on the notifications if you want to stay informed of any time we go live!

    Join me in the Facebook Live chat during the stream today! Comment here if you've checked it out or are planning to!

    UPDATE - Sorry guys! Looks like we're running a little late. Should be online anytime now. Stay tuned!

    UPDATE 2 - Here's the link to the video of the live stream in case you missed it -

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  • Yochufaldedede

    Hi! Its me, Yochu!

    Now, I've been thinking about Yoshis a lot, and nearly every Mario character has his or her major flaw. (All Game Theory watchers will know this.) I couldn't help but notice that Game Theory never saw anything wrong with Yoshi. He's cute, he's lovable, and he's super helpful and fun! But he's something else too...he's racist.

    Now before everyone starts yelling at me, I have evidence.

    There are five major Yoshi colors, correct? Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, and Light Blue. But there are four others as well. Black, White, Orange, and Purple. This may seem irrelevant, but its actually very important.

    Enter Yoshi's Story. A happy-go-lucky game about some Yoshis trying to save their home. But only the five major colors appear a…

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  • Miles854

    This is my first blog post, because my true first one on this Wiki got deleted as I made it to just earn a badge. I will not do that again. As for the Nintendo Switch part of this blog post, I wanted to say I got the Nintendo Switch on laucnh day, Mafch 3rd, 2017. I currently have the Nintendo Switch games The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and 1-2-Switch.

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  • Orko2814

    Hands-on: Nintendo Switch

    January 26, 2017 by Orko2814

    As you may know, Nintendo is currently holding hands-on events for its new console in several German cities. We here at Fandom were at the event in Berlin and got a glimpse at how the system works and which games Nintendo fans can look forward to!

    Much about the launch of the Nintendo Switch recalls the launch of the Wii ten years ago. A revolutionary new game system for the whole family with innovative mini-games, a few bigger titles and various retro games. But what became a huge success story for the Wii might not be reproducible for the Switch.

    The event in Berlin gave good insight into the near future of the Switch. Probably the most eagerly anticipated game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild had a large dedicated area decorated w…

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  • TheHylianHero
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  • Mjack867


    January 16, 2017 by Mjack867

    I have been talkign to some people and we came up with the thought of Nintendo creating a MMORPG like what Blizzard has done but with Pokemon instead.

    Good Guys - Different Trainers from the series

    Bad Guys - Team Rocket, Team Aqua, Team Magma, Team Galatic, Team Plasma, Team Flare, and Team Skull.

    Or you could pick a side and have to choose between certain pokemon, and as you progress have the option to change pokemon or trade

    Legendary Pokemon could be the reward after battling through tough Dungeons with a team of trainers from either side.

    Raids could be used to take down rival gyms or territories.

    They could do side quests to level up, and a main quest of being a Pokemon Master.

    There would be a lot of work to be put into it, but I'm sure th…

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  • Astrogamer

    Switch Titles

    January 13, 2017 by Astrogamer

    I'd figure I should compile a list of all the Switch games. I linked all the titles that are finalized

    • 1-2 Switch
    • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    • Super Bomberman R
    • Skylanders Imaginators
    • Just Dance 2017
    • The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
    • Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence (Just Japan)
    • Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 (Just Japan)

    • Snipperclips - Cut it out, together! - Launch in Japan
    • FAST RMX
    • Has-Been Heroes
    • I Am Setsuna - Launch in Japan
    • Redout

    • Constructor - April 28
    • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - April 28
    • ARMS
    • Disgaea 5 Complete - Launch in Japan
    • Graceful Explosion Machine
    • Lego City: Undercover
    • Minna de Waiwai! Spelunker (April 20 - Japan only)
    • Puyo Puyo Tetris S - Launch in Japan
    • Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition
    • Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove
    • Sonic Mania

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  • IceyBoy

    The Important Blog

    November 7, 2016 by IceyBoy

    Can anyone tell me which KK Slider song plays here? It says 'rainy day', but I've looked up everywhere, and no KK slider song is named 'rainy day', so I'm very confused..

    can i have a little help please???

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  • Choong57

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  • Spongefan15

    Who Your Favorite Nintendo Carter

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  • Theguyhelping

    i cant wait for bf1

    September 24, 2016 by Theguyhelping

     i cant not wait  you can fly also planes maybe tails like it 

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  • Theguyhelping

    my hobbies

    September 24, 2016 by Theguyhelping

    i like nintendo and more iam a prepper and a nra member and a zombie fan and a huge fan of sonic boom  and a army fan well my job is a pilot at camp ripley in minnesota  im 36 year old i like comics i live at camp ripley in a house my hobbies are gaming  and model kits prepping and driving in my ford mutt  i was born in south carolina in 1979 in 1993 i moved to adelaide i worked as a tow truck driver then in i moved to nyc in 1994 i was beginning a training  at a air forch base   as a fire fighter in 2001 i saw the tower was on fire i save a child  he was in a car  in  moved to iwoa to begin a life as a store guy in 2003 the i stoped in 2006 i wasin iraq as a helicopter pilot in 2009 i moved to minnesota as a cop in 2012 i quit the i moved…

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  • Abbylou145

    Fox mccloud

    Voice actor: Scott Menville

    other character va played: Robin (Original teen titans)

    Any changes?: Needs to sound  more like a leader

    Falco lombardi

    Voice actor: Christopher Sabat

    Other character va played: Vegeta (Dbz kai)

    Any changes?: Needs to be more cocky

    Slippy toad

    Voice actor: Zach callison

    Other character va played: Steven (Steven universe)

    Any changes?: Needs to be more informatve

    Peppy here

    Voice actor: John Rhys Davies

    Other character va played: Caseem (Aladdin and the prince of theives)

    Any changes?: Needs to be like a general

    Rob nusb4

    Voice actor: Chris tergliafera

    Other character va played: Gundam tanaka (Danganropa 2)

    Any changes?: More robotic tone


    Voice actor: Mari Devon 

    Other character va played: Renamon (Digimon tamers)


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  • RyanL181095

    These levels are made by "Ryan" (Nintendo Network ID: RyanL181095) on the Wii U:

    These levels might appear in the 100 Mario Challenge and will show the amount of Global Players played each level. If you want to bookmark these levels, you can if you want.

    Super Mario Bros. : Worlds 1 & 5

    Super Mario Bros. 3 : Worlds 2 & 6

    Super Mario World : Worlds 3 & 7

    New Super Mario Bros. U : Worlds 4 & 8

    World 1:

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  • Maddox cox
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  • Ye10

    If Nintendo makes a new Mario platformer game for the upcoming NX, here is my idea:

    • Free-roaming levels similar to Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy
    • Bosses have health bars 
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  • Bandicootfan63

    I freaking love this aesthetic, keep up the good work with the wiki :3

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  • TheOfficialCheesy


    May 3, 2016 by TheOfficialCheesy


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  • Natedawg921

    Will there be a film called "Captain N & The Video Game Masters: The Movie"? Natedawg921 (talk) 18:50, February 29, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Jeydo

    1 - Super Mario Bros

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  • Astrogamer

    This post is just going to run through the new stuff from Nintendo's Investor Meeting last night. First,  there is the new account system. Nintendo Network IDs are getting replaced with Nintendo Account. It's unclear what all the changes this system will bring but, Nintendo has stated that it will make use of the cloud to share game data between the console, handheld and mobile device. Accounts can be made using Nintendo Network ID, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or even the regular email with a password and will work across all platforms. In addition, purchase software downloads on Nintendo's site, and see purchases, play info, and game-related messages.

    Nintendo's first mobile app is called Miitomo. It seems to be a mobile version of Tomodach…

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  • Maxjmccahy

    Who is your favorite Pokémon?

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  • 763492

    I understand those Phillips CDi games based Nintendo's Mario and Zelda are consider to be humiliatingly awful and universally bad (they're so bad that would eventually become the international internet memes, and still goes on today), and I know long ago where Nintendo already had tried to make deals with Phillips to make a CD add-on for SNES, and until Phillips had decided to make their own console instead, but it's kinda wired for Nintendo's console rival to use Nintendo characters to make game with them for their hardware. I mean, imagine that will happen today where Nintendo's other rivals, like Sony and Microsoft, will use the rights of Nintendo franchises to make their adaptations for their hardwares. For example, imagine if Sony will m…

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  • 763492

    I have my future dreams for Nintendo: When I found my independent company at some point, I would love to team up with that company as its second-party company, like how Rare was back in the 90s before Microsoft bought it. For example, here are my 2 list that I'd love to make things for Nintendo.

    1. Producing a my games, both original and existing, for Nintendo

    2. Making adaptations of movies, TV shows, comics and other medias based on Nintendo franchises both old and present (though I know that the game already been adapted, but I would love to do that too.)

    Unlike Rare, I would make my future company remain independent and a second-party for Nintendo.

    So what else I could do for Nintendo in the future?

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  • 763492

    Upon my research on the Mario (franchise) on Wikipedia, I read the part that Sony Pictures (owned by Sony) is currently partnered with Nintendo to produce the future animated film featuring Mario (link to prove: Sony partner with Nintendo for Mario movie? Seriously? What was Sony thinking? Sony has their PlayStation video game consoles which’re conceder to be the competitors of Nintendo consoles, but now they’re currently team up with Sony’s longtime rival of video game hardware industry? What gives? And what’s going on with Sony and why? Is it because Sony’s PlayStation consoles are going to be discontinued and extinct so Sony will focus to make games as softwares for various cons…

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  • TheBlueRogue

    Splatoon Giveaway

    September 21, 2015 by TheBlueRogue

    To celebrate the recent major Splatoon update, we’ll be giving away 5 Splatoon games for the Wii U console. Splatoon is a twist on the shooter genre that pits players against each other as they try to cover the most ground possible with ink.

    To enter users much watch the Splatoon DLC trailer embedded below, visit the DLC Category Page, and leave a logged-in comment below telling us what new piece of content you're looking forward to the most. Winners must be located in the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada to win.. Please see our Official Rules.

    Can't wait to try out some of the new game modes, weapons, or gear? Let us know which one you're most excited about!

    If you're excited about Splatoon or are already a pro, be sure to check out …

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  • TheBlueRogue

    Official Rules for Splatoon Giveaway.


    2. Promotion Description.

    The Splatoon Giveaway (the “Promotion") is a sweepstakes promotion where individuals who create an account and leave a comment on the blog (note: you must be logged in to leave a comment) will be eligible to be randomly selected from all eligible entries. Accounts and blog entries completed from 12:01 on September 21, 2015 to 23:59 on September 28th, 2015 (the “Promotion Period”) will be eligible to win one (1) grand prize.

    Five (5) grand prize winners will win the following:

    The Grand Prize: One (1) Splatoon video game for the Wii U console.

    3. How To Enter. You will automatically be entered into the Promotion by creating an account a…

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  • Gcheung28

    Get ready, Nintendo fans, because the Nintendo World Championships 2015 is getting telecast for the first time TOMORROW, September 16! Where, you ask? On Disney XD! Head over at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT to watch an exciting hour-long special with behind the scenes footage and exclusive interviews.

    The special also feature sixteen of the world's most skilled and entertaining gamers competing onstage! They will play compete in Nintendo games like Splatoon, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid Prime: Blast Ball, Super Metroid, Mario Kart 8, Balloon Fight, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Mario Maker.

    Check out the promo below!

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  • Jeydo

    I feel this would help the Wikia grow if there was more NINTENDO talk going around. I see plenty of other games have more in-depth Wikias just because there's more of a community around them talking.

    So starting a weekly chat for those interested would be the best thing. And a time that would work well for most, although ANYONE can really open the Chat screen when they feel like it to discuss anything.

    So please suggest times, etc to meet up. I think around 7pm EST on a Sunday would work well.

    Then between Admins, you can vote for the best time or times. As there should be more than one out. Jeydo (talk) 21:27, September 13, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Jeydo

    This seems like a worthy project to make for all Zelda fans.


    Main site:

    Bad@$$ Dark World Map -

    To support this, give like $5-10 or more. $5 is like 300 pennies, which is less than 1 cent a day. Surely, you "aren't a thief" and can afford 600 rupees!

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  • Jeydo

    Who else on here is as old as a Alakazam?! I'm only 35 though, but not as grumpy as Cranky Kong. Jeydo (talk) 06:47, August 15, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Astrogamer

    Coming back

    August 5, 2015 by Astrogamer

    I'm finally back after a month of working at camp. I didn't bring my laptop so I couldn't really edit, but now that I'm done and came back home, I can come back in fully force at least until college starts up again.

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  • Natedawg921

    Super Mario Museum

    August 4, 2015 by Natedawg921

    Would anyone like to see all the games that Mario was in for this museum in collaboration with his 35th anniversary next year?

    --Natedawg921 (talk) 22:01, August 4, 2015 (UTC)

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  • TheRedJr

    There more news right now on Nintendo Wikia page and over on my twitter page which is @

    from me to you guys

    from TheRedJr

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  • TheRedJr

    If Nintendo is following this situation right now, it had better keep the legal beagles in the dog house and possibly consider hiring this guy instead. Very few game franchises have the fan following and staying power of the arcade classic done many times over, Super Mario. Mario and his brother Luigi have graced many platforms over the decades since the early 80s, from consoles to handheld devices.

    Debuting way back on arcade machines and eventually making it to the Atari platform, powered initially by an 8-bit MOS processor at 1.19MHz with 128 bytes (not K bytes) of RAM, it was a humble beginning to be sure. However, eventually the franchise saw many re-incarnations across a myriad of platforms, racking up hundreds of millions in sales ov…

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  • TheRedJr

    Hi Nintendo fans my name is TheRedJr and I got news for you,

    When it was revealed at E3 last month, Metroid Prime: Federation Force received an overwhelmingly negative reaction from fans, but Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime told Mashable that's because they haven't played it yet.

    "What the fan at home saw was something in the Metroid Prime universe that they weren't expecting. The reaction has been negative. There's no sugar coating it," Fils-Aime said in the E3 interview. "This is an example where fans who aren't able to get their hands on the game may be at a bit of a competitive disadvantage. Everyone who has played what we are showing regarding Metroid Prime, they've come across really pleased. My ask is that fans trust us.…

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  • Ngready 2


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  • Natedawg921

    This is my version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Ultimate Set:

    1. Super NES Control Deck with instruction manual
    2. Super NES Consumer Information and Precautions booklet
    3. Super NES set-up poster
    4. Super NES console carrying case
    5. 2 Super NES controllers with instruction manual
    6. Super NES Mouse with mouse pad, mouse cleaner, Mario Paint game pak, cover, Player's Guide and instruction manuals
    7. Super NES Super Scope with sight assembly, sensor box, Super Scope 6 game pak, cover and instruction manuals (Batteries not included)
    8. Super NES Advantage with instruction manual and warranty book
    9. Super NES ASCII pad/controller with instruction manual
    10. Super NES Multitap with instruction manual
    11. Super NES Game Genie with game pak cover, program guide and all codes
    12. Super…
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