• Mudkip57430Cool

    Princess Apricot

    August 14, 2018 by Mudkip57430Cool

    an oc i made up

    name = princess apricot

    relatives = bowser jr (brother), princess peach (mother), bowser (father)

    nickname = apri (by the koopalings and bowser jr), sweetie (by her parents), brat (by mario), peach's worst mistake (by mario), apricot (by everybody), sis (by bowser jr)

    likes = her friends, her family, mario being sad, chocolate, hugs, reading, tv shows (especially magical girl animes)

    dislikes = mario,  vegetables,  her dad/brother being defeated, horror movies, baby shows

    alias = none yet

    gender = female

    eye color = blue

    First appearance =  my brain

    Last appearance = on this blog

    species = half human half koopa

    friends = yoshi (frenemy), koopalings, toads, princess daisy, the rest of the koopa troop

    enemies = mario, luigi, most heroes


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  • Mudkip57430Cool

    everyone is all happy and cheerful while peach walks down the aisle.

    yoshi: everyone... we are gathered here today for the wedding of princess peach and bowser. this may be shocking, but love is love.

    peach: i never knew that this day would come and i never knew that i'd love bowser.

    bowser: i've been waiting for this day my whole life!!!

    toad is seen holding the rings as he approaches peach and bowser. then peach and bowser put the rings on each other's fingers.

    yoshi: (looks at peach) do you take bowser to be your lovely wedded husband?

    peach: i do!!

    yoshi: (looks at bowser) and do you take peach to be your lovely wedded wife?

    bowser: i sure as heck do!!

    yoshi: and now... i pronounce you husband and wife…

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  • BM44 is back from the dead

    So, they announced, that two months after the Switch released, Nintendo has announced an online service that is paid called "Nintendo Switch Online" It was originally set to release in early 2018, instead it was pushed to 2nd half of September 2018! There are several reasons why me and other users hate this online service.

    1. It costs money. A 12-month membership isn't bad, it only costs $19.99 for one person, but I still don't want this service to launch! EVER!

    2. People hate this service because almost everybody including my friends, hate this service because it COSTS freakin' money! Gosh Nintendo, can't you wait another year?

    and finally....

    3. Give us more time! Everybody wants to play Fortnite, MK8D, Splatoon 2, Mario Tennis Aces, & more …

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  • ProxyCyanide Official

    How can you invite a canon character from pokémon to actually participate in Call of Duty?, tell me how.

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  • Ghirahim le fabuleux

    I wanted to remind the community of the existence of the featured articles nomination page. It is pretty much unused and could help the admins to choose which articles you want to be featured for the month.

    Every suggested articles should be A class articles or at the very least really well written B class articles. if you don't really know what that means or are new on this wiki here is a little rundown on what article classes means:

    • A - Means covers topic thoroughly, multiple sections with subsections that are filled, several links, images, templates and has subpages.
    • B - Means covers topic well, multiple sections with at least a paragraph, several links and templates
    • C - Means covers the bare minimum an article should have; a section or two…
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  • Caffanisback

    I want apple and cinnamon from the apple jacks series to be playable characters in smash bros 5. who agrees with me?

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  • Natedawg921

    Here are the Video Game Master games for Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance so far:

    • Super Mario Land
    • Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
    • Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
    • Wario Land II
    • Wario Land 3
    • Wario Land 4
    • Tetris (Game Boy)
    • Tetris 2 (Game Boy)
    • Paper Boy (Game Boy)
    • Paper Boy 2 (Game Boy)
    • Adventure Island (Game Boy)
    • Adventure Island II: Aliens in Paradise
    • Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge
    • Mega Man II
    • Mega Man III
    • Mega Man IV
    • Mega Man V
    • Castlevania Adventure, The
    • Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge
    • Castlevania Legends
    • Donkey Kong Land
    • Donkey Kong Land 2
    • Donkey Kong Land III
    • Final Fantasy Legend, The
    • Final Fantasy Legend II
    • Final Fantasy Legend III
    • Game & Watch Gallery
    • Game & Watch Gallery 2
    • Game & Watch Gallery 3
    • Game & Watch Gallery 4
    • Harvest Moon GBC
    • Harvest Moon 2 G…

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  • Peachycream

    What if Nintendo characters had dance emotes? Well, unlike Overwatch and Fortnite, Nintendo characters wil have better dancing than them. Here's what I think the dances should be!

    Mario - The Mario Dance (A dance similar to the credits from The Super Mario Bros Super Show)

    Luigi - The Charleston (A dance originated from the 1920's)

    Princess Peach - Ballet (A legendary dance)

    Princess Daisy - Sunny Dance (A dance that resembles the Hare Hare Yukai dance from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

    Bowser - He does not dance, but he does taps his foot

    Toad - Boogie Jump (A street dance with jumps)

    Yoshi (character) - The Yoshi Patch (A dance that's the Cabbage Patch dance)

    Wario - Wariobics (Basically aerobics from the 80's)

    Waluigi - Running Wah (The Running …

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  • Astrogamer

    With E3 underway and the Direct starting later today, let's finish with some last minute predictions. Let's first get out of the way what we've learned in the last couple days. 

    With the E3 press conferences underway, a few notableswitch games have been announced. While most of the games have ignored the Switch, some announcements have been big.

    For starters, EA Play didn't really have any Switch content. However, FIFA 19 is coming to the Switch the same day as the other platforms and is improve from 18. Most notable it will include online friendlies. Additionally, Microsoft had one new Switch game from Bandai Namco in the form of Tales of Vesperia marking the series return to Nintendo platforms since the 3DS game Tales of Abyss.

    Bethesda cam…

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  • Astrogamer

    With E3 being less than a week away, let's discuss what Nintendo could directly bring to the table. For starters, let's discuss some ground rules. First, this one is only discuss titles published by Nintendo. It doesn't include any localizations or distributions for third parties. Secondly, this will focus on announcements Nintendo could make at E3 not ones we know so, we'll will be ignoring the ARMS/ Mario Kart team, EPD Tokyo team, Splatoon team and the Nintendo Labo team in EPD and the partners HAL Laboratory (Kirby), Intelligent Systems (WarioWare and Fire Emblem). PlatinumGames (Bayonetta), Grezzo (Luigi's Mansion remake), indieszero (Sushi Striker), Good-Feel (Yoshi Switch), Vanpool (Dillon), Game Freak (Pokemon), and Camelot (Mario …

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