A Blooper from New Super Mario Bros..
Series Mario series
First game Super Mario Bros.
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Bloopers are enemies that first debuted on the original Nintendo Entertainment System game Super Mario Bros. They live underwater. For some odd reason, they will not attack Mario if he is on the bottom of the screen. After Super Mario Bros., the Blooper became a popular enemy in the Mario series.


Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

After Super Mario Bros, the species' next game was Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels for the NES, where another type could be found floating above the water and in the sky. After that, they appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3 where their types were even more varied.

Mario Kart series

Bloopers appear in the Mario Kart series, in Mario Kart DS and all later games. They are items that players can get from Item Boxes, and when shot, they go to every kart in front of the shooter to spray it with ink. This blocks the view of human players and makes CPUs swerve, slowing them down. Firing one in first place backfires, because the blooper sprays the shooter instead of other racers. Using a Super Mushroom or a Star makes the ink clear automatically.

The Super Blooper kart in Mario Kart Wii is based on a Blooper.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Blooper acts the same in this game as usual, but hides in the pipes and comes out when Mario and co. approach. They appear only in World 4-4 and World 8-4.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

They appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2, where, just like the original, they can only be found in the water.

New Super Mario Bros.

Bloopers also appeared in this game. He only appear in World 3. If you get near him, he will attempt to attack you by swimming across Mario. The player need to avoid him by swimming away from him. If you from distance, Blooper will not attempt to attack you. He might home on Mario.

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  • Electro Blooper: A big blooper that can charge itself with electricity.
  • Super Blooper: A giant blooper that can charge its energy and make babies.