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Blooper Beach
MP9 Blooper Beach
Series Mario Party series
First game Mario Party 9

Blooper Beach is a water-themed board from Mario Party 9

Board Elements

The first half has the gimmick of chasing after a Dolphin for 5 Mini Stars, who then swaps with Sushi, who will take half the current captain's Mini Stars, calling back the Dolphin. Once the mid-boss is defeated, both will go away.

In the second half, Huckit Crabs will change the Mini Stars to Mini Ztars and vice-versa by landing on Event Spaces.

Captain Events

Sunken Treasure - Players dive deep to retrieve Mini Stars from the deep. The players each roll a Standard Dice Block, a 1-2-3 Dice Block and a 4-5-6 Dice Block, in the order of the Captain's choosing. Plays who land on unlucky spaces lose 5 Mini Stars and those who fail to reach the surface don't get to keep the Mini Stars. It can be done for a second time in the second half of the board for 15 Mini Stars instead of 10.

Boss Battle

Cheep Cheep Shot

Blooper Barrage


Sub Baleen - the default vehicle

Coral Explorer

Blooper Boat


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