A Spatter as seen in Disney Epic Mickey.
First game Disney Epic Mickey
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Blotlings are one of the most common enemies in the Wii game Disney Epic Mickey. They are mixtures of paint and thinner.


Seers are the first Blotlings that Mickey faces. They beep to call other enemies and roll into Mickey. They have an angry eyeball and have two froglegs.


Spatters are the second Blotlings that Mickey faces. They will bash Mickey if they see him and they replaced the Camp Pirate Whales in Tortooga and Skull Island. They have many appearances, like Jesters, Normal, It's a Small World Dolls, Tron, Pirates and Gentlemen. They have ears of Mickey Mouse.


Sweepers are the third Blotlings that Mickey faces. If Mickey gets close to the Sweeper, the Sweeper will sweep him. They have a bucket of Thinner. They throw Thinner. They have the form of the Brooms from Fantasia.


Spladooshes are the fourth Blotlings that Mickey faces. If they see Mickey, they will explode and Thinner makes them explode more. Paint will make them sleep peacefully and calm them down. They have the form of the Cyclops from Hercules.


Slobbers are the fifth Blotlings that Mickey faces. They are Mini-Bosses. They will use claws if Mickey gets close to it. They will inhale Mickey and he must throw paint to reedem them and need three tints.


Bloticles are semi-enemies that are probably the Blot's tentacles. They take Wasteland's Colors. Mickey must use Paint or Thinner to get rid of them. They appear after redeeming or defeating the fake Shadow Blot.