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Blue Seven

Blue Seven is a kart in Mario Kart 7.



Blue Seven is a long, Formula-2 like kart. It is the longest kart in Mario Kart 7. Its color is shiny blue. This looks similar to that of Luigi's Streamliner because both of these karts are blue and they both have white stripe going across in middle vertically. At the back, there is a yellow thing with black stripe and black 7. Also, at the back, there are two, big, circular, red lights with two sticked-together-yellow rockets and four, cyan-blue, blood-cell sized lights. In the front, there is a black line on the bottom two, button-sized yellow lights. Like most stuff, this is unlockable. Suitable for players who love Formula-2 karts. Blue Seven is considered to be one of the most fastest kart in the game along with Gherkin. Also, there is squarish, cyan windshield.

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