Blue Whale

The player approaching the blue whale.

Blue whales are creatures that appeared in the Wii video game Endless Ocean. In the game they are the largest creatures that the player can interact with.

Official description

"It has a giant spindle-shaped body with a huge mouth and a pointed upper jaw. It is around 20m in length. Its pectoral fins are long and thin, its dorsal fin is positioned towards the rear of its raised backbone and its caudal fin is broad. Its body is grey tinged with blue and has a grey spotted pattern on it.

The world's largest mammal with a body size of over thirty meters in length. The blowhole on top of their head can spray water up to ten metres high. There are approximately sixty ridges in their throats which expand while feeding. When swimming, the low frequency sounds they make suffer little decay under water and can reach other members from up to 150 km away.

This species can swim incredibly quickly for their size and it is believed that around 300,000 once existed. However, with the advent of high speed vessels and explosive harpoons during the late nineteenth century, their numbers decreased rapidly due to over-fishing. though hunting no longer continues, they are endangered with numbers around 5,000."