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Board the Platforms.

The Board the Platforms Bonus Round is a challenge on 1-P Bonus Round #2 in 1-P area in Super Smash Bros. and included as a test for bonus points on 1-P Mode. It's a challenge of timing, landing, and jumping with a character of choice. Like 1-P Target Test, Board the Platforms is different with each character. If you land on every platform without missing and falling into a bottomless chasm, your best time will be recorded on the character you completed with, but if you fail, the number of platforms you landed on will be recorded on 0 to 9 are the numbers shown, if over 9 it's recorded on how long it took you}. However only one best time will be shown, {not counting Total Best Time} no second best time will be saved. After its debut on Super Smash Bros., it didn't appear on neither Super Smash Bros. Melee nor Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

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