The Bob-Omb Orb (Bob-Omb Capsule in Mario Party 5) has appeared in Mario Party 5, Mario Party 6, and Mario Party 7. Its effect is activated when a player passes(or lands on) the space containing the capsule three times. On the third, a Bob-omb will then land in the player's arms and explode, causing him or her to lose twenty coins. If another player is standing on the space, they too will lose twenty coins. In Mario Party 6, players can only place it on a space as a roadblock. Opponents that pass a space containing the orb make a Bob-omb explode on them, cutting the remaining number of spaces they can go in half. In Mario Party 7, it returns as an Orb that can only be found on the gameboard Pagoda Peak. Opponents that pass this space make a Bob-omb blow up on them, sending them down to a lower part of the board.


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