Bogmire's golden portrait in Luigi's Mansion.
Series Mario series
First appearance Luigi's Mansion
Created by Nintendo
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Bogmire is the second boss in Luigi's Mansion.

He resides in giant grave stone in the graveyard in the back of the backyard. Bogmire is a purple ghost that doesn't know to scare these days. He sends Luigi to a circular area where they fight. Bogmire can make his shadows come to life. Luigi defeats him by vacuuming the shadow and hitting the real Bogmire. You can tell where he is by the long shadow across the field. Let go of the "R" button ad fire it at Bogmire. The process takes about three hits to finish him. You receive a key to go to the third area located in the mansion. It is said that Bouldergeist is similar to Bogmire.

It is worth noting that Bogmire is perhaps the only Portrait Ghost that was never once alive.