MK7 Luigi Bolt Buggy

The Bolt Buggy is a kart body part in Mario Kart 7. It is a small yellow buggy with two eye-like flashlights in-front and a white front decorated in gray spots. It has a slender, rocket-like black thing made of steel in the back. In the bottom, it has a dark blue but fading thing and it has two undersized, red lights in the back. It does not need to be unlocked like the Standard Kart and Royal Ribbon. Like most karts, only the badges changes when driven by different characters.

This cart is best suited for heavy and off-road performance but, it is poor at acceleration handling and going through the air and water.


  • Speed + 0.25
  • Sea Speed - 0.5
  • Air Speed -0.25
  • Acceleration - 0.5
  • Weight + 0.25
  • Sea Handling 0
  • Air Handling 0
  • Off-Road + .25
  • Mini-Turbo 0
  • Stability 0
  • Drift - 0.25