Bomber Kirby's Adventure
Artwork of Bomber from Kirby's Adventure
Series Kirby series
First game Kirby's Adventure (1993)
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Bomber is an enemy from the Kirby series. It resemble some type of nuclear weapon with legs and a skull on it. Bombers tend to walk around until they reach and edge, at which point they'll teeter over it, then fall off. When they land, they explode with a fairly decent range. If Kirby inhales it, he becomes Crash Kirby, and is able to destroy any and all enemies in an area.

So far, Bomber has appeared in Kirby's Adventure, Kirby Super Star, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, Kirby Canvas Curse, Kirby: Squeak Squad, Kirby Super Star Ultra, and Kirby's Epic Yarn. It also appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a trophy.