Bombers' Notebook

The Bombers' Notebook is a notebook in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask that you can use to keep track of the favors done and promises kept for the inhabitants of Termina. Link receives it after becoming a member of the Bombers Gang, a group of kids who try to help out their neighbors in Clock Town. The notebook displays characters that Link has helped or is helping, time periods in which Link should interact with those characters, and any rewards received for completing a task.



"Secret Society of Justice. Helping people 24 hours a day."


"Stock Pot Inn's innkeeper. A courteous woman."


"Strange youth seen near Laundry Pool."

Man from Curiosity Shop

"Buys and sells stolen goods. Open at night only."

Old Lady from Bomb Shop

"Runs town Bomb Shop. Always open."


"Young girl living at ranch with sister."


"Manager of Romani Ranch. Milk is her specialty."

Mr. Dotour

"Mayor of Clock Town. V.I.P.

Madame Aroma

"The Mayor's Wife. In charge of town performances."


"Famed manager of The Indigo-Go's."


"Leader of a traveling troupe. Has fine clothes, but a frightful face."


"Town's postal carrier. A very serious public servant."

Rosa Sisters

"Twin dancers. Members of the Gorman Troupe."


"(Person living in the inn's restroom.) Details are unknown."

Anju's Grandmother

"Storyteller and grandmother at inn."


"Ghost of a charismatic dancer. Enjoys moonlight."


"Cucco Shack's breeder. His crest is frightful."

Gorman Brothers

"Horse trainers. Suspicious..."


"The inconspicuous soldier. He really doesn't stand out."


"Musician in the Gorman Troupe."

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