Pushy Wall Super Mario 64

The Pushy Wall's appearance in Super Mario 64.

Bomps (originally referred to as Pushy Walls) are enemies that first appeared in Super Mario 64. They are large, living rectangular stones. Their attack is trying to push Mario off the edges of cliffs, as their name implies. Besides being enemies, they are more like obstacles.


Super Mario 64

Pushy Walls appear in Whomp's Fortress and Lethal Lava Land. They have eyes with blue pupils, and a black outline above their eyes. This could be their eyebrows.

Super Mario 64 DS

Pushy Walls appear in the same places as Super Mario 64, since this game is a remake of Super Mario 64. However, the Pushy Wall's appearance is different. It's face looks more a Thwomp's face.

Super Mario Galaxy

In this game, Bomps have an even more Thwomp-like appearance. They can first be found in Buoy Base Galaxy.
SMG 2 Bomp

The Pushy Wall's appearance in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

In this game, Bomps look like they did in the prequel, Super Mario Galaxy. They can be found in Fluffy Bluff Galaxy and Throwback Galaxy, a remake of Whomp's Fortress.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

In Paper Mario: Sticker Star, they appear in Chomp Ruins, though made of cardboard now. They come out from waterfalls and double doors.

Mario Party 10

They appear in a minigame in Mario Party 10