Boo's Boneyard Galaxy
SMG Boneyard Galaxy

Racing against the Boo
Series Mario
First game Super Mario Galaxy

Boo's Boneyard Galaxy is one of the minor galaxies in Super Mario Galaxy. It's found next to the entrance to the The Gate, via a Hungry Luma. It can be unlocked with 1200 Star Bits. In this galaxy, the player races the "Spooky Speedster" as Boo Mario.


The starting planet is a large skulls. If Mario spins on the eyes of the skull, three Star Bits will spawn in each one.There is a single pipe at the top to Spooky Speedster Planet.

The Spooky Speedster Planet is a large maze-like race course. Arrows point to the exit. There are springs, fans, and many skeletons along the course.


  • Racing the Spooky Speedster