Boobeam Trap
The Boobeam Trap is a boss with all the guns that are protected from shots, except explosion and found in Wily's Castle in the fourth stage.

Damage Data

Only Crash Bomber can damage the Boobeam Trap. Not any other weapon can damage it.


When Mega Man enters a room, he should throw a Crash Bomber into a wall with a gun. If he doesn't destroy the guns, they will fire at him. If Mega Man has no more Bombs, he has to die or restart, reaching the checkpoint to refill the Crash Bomber. It's possible if only five Crash Bombers are allowed to destroy the guns on their second visit. Mega Man must ignore the other blocks.

When damaged by the Boobeam Trap, he must use his E-Tanks before he dies if he's on low health.


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