Bowling (Game & Wario)

Bowling is one of the modes of Game & Wario. The mode is about bowling down the various WarioWare characters as bowling pins. It is unlocked after completing a level in Pirates. This is one of the only single-player modes to offer multiplayer.


The game is essentially a more arcadey version of Bowling. Each character has a different weight and center of gravity so, bigger and stockier pins are more difficult to knockdown as opposed to the tiny ones. Rather than motion controls, the game is controlled through the gamepad held vertically. The gamepad screen is an overhead view while the TV screen shows down the lane. The mode is controlled by swiping on the gamepad and the ball will head in that direction. As the ball is in motion, tilting the gamepad will affect its path.


The goal of this mode is to knock down all the pins with a single ball in certain arrangements. It has 3 difficulty levels with higher difficulties requiring putting a spin on the ball and knocking pins into other pins.


This is a traditional ten-frame game of bowling. Each frame uses different WarioWare characters.


The mode includes the following characters:

Ana, 18-Volt, Spitz, Master Mantis, Mike & Red are also seen going to bowling alley in the cutscene though.