Bowser's Pinball Machine
Bowser's pinball

Series Mario Party series
First game Mario Party DS

Bowser's Pinball Machine is the last board in the story mode of Mario Party DS. It is accessed by beating Kamek at Kamek's Library. It is owned by Bowser and Bowser Jr. The boss minigame is Bowser's Block Party, and Bowser is the boss. It is also the only board that must be unlocked in party mode.

Board Rules



Mario and Co. run into the castle and Bowser traps them in his pinball machine. After clearing the board, Bowser decides to shrink everyone to oblivion with the Minimizer. Suddenly, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong run in and, in search of a feast, destroy the Minimizer. Upon the destruction, Mario and Co. grow back to full size. Bowser then throws on the Megamorph Belt, but is defeated anyway. The five Sky Crystals then join and form a crystal DS, ending story mode and unlocking Triangle Twisters.

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