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List of quotes made by Bowser.

From the games

  • "But... But I'm Bowser! I'm grade-A, 100% prime-cut final boss! I'm going to take over the world any day now! No way am I helping Mario! He's always trashing my awesome plans."
  • "[Mario] always defeats me... This time I became invincible and I STILL couldn't beat him!"
  • "Fungah! Foiled again!!"

From the cartoons

  • "The courage beyond compare, the bravery beyond description, I praise this great hero, the superior fiend... me."
  • "If I didn't deserve this, I wouldn't give it to me."
  • "No one asks for a trap faster than a plumber!"
  • "OK, that does it! You're all gonna be Koopatized!"
  • "There'll be other crooked races, and other ways to cheat!"
  • "Don't question my orders, you rotten rodent! Just do it!"
  • "Stop wisecracking, mushroom, or I'll turn you into soap!"
  • "Fool! Those pinhead plumbers are bound to try to rescue Princess Toadstool, and I intend to capture them before they do."
  • "Are my dinosaurs in for a treat! Kinda high in cholesterol, but I'm sure they can handle it!"
  • "Have a Merry Cave Christmas, bone brain! Remember, 'Oogtar' spelled backwards is 'rat goo'!"
  • "Mouser, read those phony charges me and you cooked up!"
  • "I had so much fun as your crooked judge I decided to become your cruel warden!"
  • "Ohh, I hate it when my tootsie-wootsies get wet!"
  • "Eight Egg Scoopa Koopas coming up! Cook 'em good! No one likes runny eggs, dinobrain!"
  • "Hey, don't forget the special Scoopa Sauce. A little scoop'll do ya, haha!"
  • "Shake it up! Time is money!"
  • "How can I plunder your kingdom if I don't get my beauty rest!?"
  • "Top this, turkey-mouth!"
  • "Hey, what are you staring at? Haven't you ever seen a reptile ready to conquer the world?"
  • "It's not neat stuff, you nincomkoop! It's the same trash we had before! Now get rid of it! And this time, see that it doesn't come back!"
  • "Quiet, Koopalings! I'm the king here! I'll decide what land we're gonna take over!"
  • "It's a dirty job, but somebody gets to do it!"
  • "Kooky, what are you doing? I'm your dear old King Dad!"
  • "I'll get you for this, Mario!"
  • "Knock it off, knuckleheads! I'm not doing exercises; I'm having a temper tantrum!"
  • "Clams, coins, old socks, we're given' em away!"
  • "You will grow up to be sneaky, two-faced, cheating illiterates, just like your dad!"
  • "If I want something, I'll just take it!"
  • "I wouldn't do that, plunger-face, not if you want to see your precious princess again!"
  • "Now you'll see why I modestly call myself a genius."
  • "That's a cruel, rotten, disgusting idea - and I love it!"
  • "Hey! Who's been foolin' with my wands?"
  • "I'd love to save you, kids, but I just remembered I have a tail-styling appointment in another warp zone!"
  • "Costumed plumbers at your service, ma'am! We make plumbing a party!"
  • "Keep your crown on! You want people to think I'm marrying a nag?"
  • "Fire a warning shot! ...On second thought, blow the plumber-boys and the Princess right off the boat!"
  • "Well, two can play at that game! And I know how to cheat."
  • "These fireballs are fantastic! Think of the destruction; think of the wreckage; think of how much this'll lower my heating bill!"
  • "These are not disguises! I am Bowser Koopa! King Koopa to you!"
  • "Boy, have I got Mighty Plumber conned! I wonder what I'll buy with all those gold coins? An ocean liner? A Koopa DeVille?"
  • "All right, come and get your burgers! And eat fast. We're gonna celebrate the capture of those faucet freaks, by letting me win a baseball game!"
  • "This is easier than talkin' Kootie Pie into a shopping spree!"

From the comics

  • "I should never have quit my day job!"
  • "I wonder if I can put Lemmy up for adoption?"
  • "My ol' pop used to say in situations like this - 'Son, when you put your mind to it, there's no problem big enough to run away from'!"

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