Bowser in the Dark World
Dark world 64

Bowser in his Dark World on the title screen.
Series Mario
First game Super Mario 64
Creator Nintendo

Bowser in the Dark World is one of the three areas Bowser resides in the Mario series.


Super Mario 64/Super Mario 64 DS

This course first appears in Super Mario 64. Eight Power Stars (twelve in the Nintendo DS version), are required for Mario to enter the area. Upon entering the first room, there is a portrait of Princess Peach. If gone closer, it turns into Bowser. An invisible wall then blocks Mario and he then shall fall into a pit.

Once the area starts, Mario is warped at the beginning of the area with a ? Block at the start. There are also Red Coins that are able to be collected, but the Switch Palace has to be activated. There are many 1-Up Mushrooms which make an appearance in the area. Amps can be seen when Mario explores deeper into the area, along with two rocking platforms acting as seesaws. There is then a checkered slope. The ! Switch turns the checkered slope into a checkered staircase.

When Mario climbs up higher, there are tips and instructions given to Mario to tell him how Bowser should be defeated. The sign is next to the pipe leading to the battle with Bowser. The battle's primary purpose needs for Mario to grasp Bowser's tail and swing him around into a spiky orb which explodes by contact. Once Bowser is defeated, the Bowser Key to the basement area is obtained.

In Super Mario 64 DS, the story's dialogue has changed slightly as Mario, Luigi and Wario are kidnapped; this means that Yoshi must battle and defeat Goomboss when he has a total of eight stars to access the Goomboss Battle area. When Yoshi defeats Goomboss, he gets the Mario Key which is necessary to unlock Mario, as Mario is the only character with access through Star Doors. Twelve starts have to be collected first, though.