Bowser in the Sky
Bowser in the Sky
An image of Bowser in the Sky
Series Mario
First game Super Mario 64
Bowser in the Sky is the final Bowser course in both SM64 and SM64DS. In the DS remake however, only Mario can enter. It takes place in the cold, ice-white sky with purple and pink clouds. Whomp, Piranha Plant, Amp, small Fire Chomp, Bob-ombs, Chuckya and Goombas are littered across the course. It is considered an incredibly difficult stage and ends with a fight against Bowser

Boss Battle

Once you have entered the warp pipe towards the end of the stage, battle with Bowser by grabbing his tail, swinging him around and then tossing him into the spike bomb 3 times. Bowser will enter the second stage, breathing huge amounts of fire and toxic green fire whilst running at you. Another attack Bowser will use is ground-pounding the green circle in the center of the arena, breaking it and causing a shockwave. Bowser may also breathe a small burst of fire. When the fire burns out, it may leave coins behind. If you use the spinning throw mentioned earlier for another cycle, Bowser will crack the sides of the arena, making a star shape. If you defeat Bowser through repetition, You will get the star you need,and fall into the castle. Then a cutscene plays where Mario sees Peach released from her stained glass prison and the princess will bake the cake for Mario and the other playable characters. If you have all the stars you want to collect, then that´s the end of the game!

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