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List of Bowyer's quotes in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

Before battle

  • "997! 998! 999! 1000! Nya ha ha! 1000 arrows! For cover they run, nya! FUN this is, yes. Nya! Another 1000 will I shoot!"
  • "Happy I am, nya! Look...LOOK at their expressions when freeze they do!"
  • "Nya! More practice do I need!"
  • "What? WHAT? Disturb me you must not! Practicing, I am. More arrows must I shoot! More statues must I make, nya!"
  • "Gnya, NYA!? A stranger you are... and strange looking at that! Teach you, we must, who's in charge!"
  • "Nya! NYA! Angry I am!"
  • "Nya! A lesson I will teach you!"
  • "Strong you are. But stronger am I! Hurt you, I will!"
  • "So long, nya!! Part, now, we must!"
  • "Knock knock! Nya! Insulted, I am!"

During battle

  • "NYAAA!! Now 3 against one! Nyat FAIR! Fix it, I will, nya! Shoot an arrow, I shall. When a target it hits, that Button... LOCKED!"

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