Breadbug Family is one of the family groups in the game Pikmin 2. This group is made up of all the dwarf Bulborbs (except the Dwarf Bulbear), the Breadbug and the Giant Breadbug. The giant Breadbug is found only on Sublevel Six, in Glutten's Kitchen, and a challenge level called Snack Pit.


Distinguishing behavior

Uniquely all members of this family's methods of being killed involve direct impact of the Pikmin though in different tiers. The lowest tier would be Dwarf Bulborbs where they are killed by any Pikmin hitting their back from being thrown. The second tier, Breadbugs can only be harmed traditionally by hitting their backs with Pikmin with Purple Pikmin easily killing them. The highest tier, Giant Breadbug can only be hurt traditionally with Purple Pikmin. All members are also bipedal and scavengers.


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