Brett Hull Hockey 95
Brett Hull Hockey 95 (NA)
North American box art
Developer(s) Radical Entertainment
Publisher(s) Accolade
Platform(s) Super Nintendo platform icon
Genre(s) Sports (Ice Hockey)
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Brett Hull Hockey 95 is a sports game (focused on ice hockey) for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was only released in North America and uses the Mode 7 technology. It is officially licensed by the National Hockey League Players Association (NHLPA). The game was preceded by Brett Hull Hockey a year earlier.


The game has a single- and two-player mode. There are five different ways to play: Exhibition, Half Season, Full Season, Playoff, and All-Star.

Real-world NHL player Brett Hull is heavily featured in the game. All players are announced by jersey number, but Hull is called by name. The game is licensed by the NHLPA but not the League itself, so teams are only mentioned by cities.

As in the previous game, real-world sportscaster Al Michaels supplies the play-by-play commentary during gameplay.

As in the real-world sport of hockey, the object is to score more goals than the opposing team to win the game.


Since the game is licensed by the NHLPA, all real-world players' names and numbers are in the game. But because it's not licensed by the League itself, the team names and logos are not used. Each team is only represented by cities.

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