The Brobot L-Type's artwork.
Series Paper Mario series
First game Super Paper Mario
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Brobot is a mechanical Luigi head looking robot who Mr. L uses to destroy Mario in Super Paper Mario. There's also Brobot L-Type.


Brobot is used by Mr. L to try to defeat Mario in the end of level 4-4. He takes them into space.You have to grab the different color candy bars for different power-ups to defeat Brobot. You can not use pixels here.

Brobot L-Type

In chapter 6, Mr. L (Luigi) confronts Mario and friends and uses an upgraded version of Brobot to battle called Brobot L-Type. Brobot L-Type has hands and feet instead of just a head.It also has new attacks like missiles and rocket propelled hands. Mario defeated him by using Boomer on Brobot's feet.