Bruce Lee: Return of the Legend
Bruce Lee Return of the Legend (NA)
Developer(s) Vicarious Visions
Publisher(s) Universal Interactive (NA)
VU Games (EU)
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance platform icon
Genre(s) Beat 'em up

03ESRB - E 

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Bruce Lee: Return of the Legend is a Game Boy Advance video game that stars none other than Bruce Lee as (or rather a sprite of him) as Hai Feng. So, basically, even though this is a video game, Bruce Lee, or rather a render of him, even plays as an actor. In the game, Hai Feng plans to avenge his teacher.


In all there are nine separate stages that require Bruce Lee to punch and kick his way through a multitude of born-killers. Bruce Lee is known for his fast attacks, so it's not surprising that this video game version of him can perform just as many speedy moves, if not more, than his real life alter ego.

The player will find weapons in the stages, though their usefulness is arguable. Sometimes players prefer to just fight single handedly. Each stage will end with a boss fight, with each one becoming progressively harder than the previous one. If the player manages to play well, then he'll unlock alternate costumes.