An image of the location.
Series Metroid series
First game Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Bryyo is a fictional planet found in the Wii video game Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, where it is found in the Chysus System. This is the second major planet that bounty hunter Samus Aran will travel to.


Bryyo was once the home of the species known as Bryyians, who were quite intelligent beings who protected the nature of their planet. During this time, the peaceful species known as the Chozo came to the planet, and gave the Bryyians greater knowledge of life, which allowed the species to create great civillizations and learn more of science. In time, the Bryyians became greedy and called themselves the lords of science, and deemed themsevles the rulers of Bryyo. The Chozo warned them of this, though the Bryyians failed, or refused, to listen.

Once they started to try and convert those who went the way of old times, a war broke off, with the "lords of science" ultimately losing. In time, death occurred in almost all of the Bryyians, though the machines they created with the knowledge the Chozo gave them still keep working.

Galactic Federation scientists suggest that the Reptilians that live ont he planet may in fact be some of the few remaining Bryyians, who have seemingly gone mad, and attack anything, including Samus.


After being corrupted by Phazon on Norion, the Galactic Federation gave Rundas, along with the other hunters that were invected, a PED so that he could efficientlly use this new found ability. However, after being sent to Bryyo, the hunter lost contact with the federation and he was soon later drastically corrupted by the Phazon, and went mad.

After Samus Aran was sent to investigate the where abouts of Rundas, she finally encountered him, where he then attacked her. She had no other choice but to fight back, where in the end Rundas was killed by his own ice spike that jutted out of the ground.


During the events that took place in the game, Phazon took over part ot the planet via an enormous seed that was being guarded by Mogenar. Once you defeated Mogenar, the colossal Golem, the planet would from then on be free from Phazon, thanks to Samus Aran.